Our Services Include (all to your specific requirements)

Full Groom From £24.00 for Miniature/toy ie: Yorkies, Chihuahua, Pug Pomeranian

Full Groom From £30.00 for small ie: Westie, Bichon, Shih Tzu, Scottie, Maltease, Lhasa.

Full Groom From £34.00 for medium ie: Spaniel, Toy Poodle, Border Collie

Full Groom From £37.00 for large ie: Labrador, Husky

A full groom includes bathing, drying, clipping and nail trimming.  We only use high quality shampoos followed by a nice warm hand dryer and a fresh smelling doggy cologne. We DO NOT use cage dryers. If you require any specific shampoo or your dog has a prescription shampoo please bring it along with you on the day. Your dog will leave us looking, feeling and smelling great.

Please note that if your dog is matted additional fees may apply, however we will discuss this with you during your consultation.

Bath And Brush From £15.00

Treat your dog to a bath. We use only high quality shampoos and conditioners and then finish off with a nice warm hand dryer followed by a fresh smelling doggy cologne . If you have any special requirements or a prescription shampoo then please bring it along with you on the day. We DO NOT use cage dryers. Your dog will leave us looking, feeling and smelling great.

Nail Trimming £5.00

If your dogs nails are looking too long, we will clip them for you. Overgrown nails can become painful for the dog.

Puppy Introduction Trim up to 16 weeks £15

This is your puppies first cut and it could be a little bit daunting so we promise you that we will look after you puppy and get them used to all the different noises and smells at Tidy Paws. We will handle your puppy with lots of TLC and make their experience as fun as it can be. Please make sure they are all up to date with their vaccinations. This package includes bathing (using a gentle puppy shampoo), face shaped, paws tided, nail clipped, pads and bum trim, ears plucked and then finished off with a lovely smelling doggy cologne.

Tidy Paws accepts contactless card payments and cash

We cater for most breeds of any age.

Your visits with us will always include a consultation to ensure we understand your dog and to discuss any specific requirements that you may have.

We ensure that your dog will always have access to a fresh bowl of water and toys to play with whilst they wait to be picked up. They will NOT be caged.

Please ensure that your dog is fully up to date with vaccinations and worming treatments.

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07842 400 758

Lines open 8am - 7pm

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