Grooming Salon

Grooming Salon

Lovely Elvis before his groom

Elvis looking handsome after his groom.

George who came in for a bath big softie.

Oscar looking to see whose next in.

Teddy in for his groom

Teddy looking smart after his groom.

Little Betty before her groom

Betty after her groom she's so cute.

Waiting for his Mum after coming in for his bath.

Little cutie after his bath.

Benji before his groom

Benji after his groom

Gorgeous Barney before his groom he loves a bath

All Clean and smelling nice after his bath.

Cute Coco before her groom.

Coco after her groom looking all tidy.

Cute Poppy having her groom.

What a lovely girl all finished.

Adorable Alfie before his groom he is such a laid back boy.

After his groom looking and smelling lovely. Was such a gorgeous boy.

Looking all clean after his groom.

George after his bath smelling lovely

Gorgeous Noel after his groom

Just waiting to be picked up.

Peeka in for his regular bath smelling all lovely.

Lovely Boy in for his monthly bath. Little cutie.

Gorgeous Annie ready to get pampered

After her pamper smelling all nice and clean she was a very good girl.

Meet the lovely Jack before his full groom

Such a good boy with a brilliant personality, can't wait to see him next time

Beautiful boy in for his pa‚Äčuppy introduction.

Beautiful Girls in for a groom.